viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Unboxing Sorpresa - Sant Jordi - 23 abril 2015

Hola, la verdad es que no me han regalado nada para la Diada de Sant Jordi (ni rosa ni libro) pero tampoco lo esperaba. Aún así...una editorial genial como es Planeta, me ha enviado esta sorpresa que he recibido justo ayer...¿qué será?. A mí me ha alegrado el día, la semana, el mes y el año entero.

Esto me va a servir para completar mi Reto Steampunk, del cual podéis ver más cosas aquí.

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

5 novelas juveniles recomendadas para la " Diada de Sant Jordi " - abril 2015

¡Y para esta Diada de Sant Jordi que celebramos en Cataluña, donde se regalan libros y rosas, nada mejor que 5 recomendaciones de novela juvenil para todos los gustos!. Espero que paséis un buen día mirando libros. Yo trabajo y no podré hacerlo, pero tengo muchos libros pendientes en mi estantería, así que tengo donde elegir. 

He seleccionado cinco lecturas que he hecho recientemente porque son las que más me han gustado a mí personalmente, con mejores puntuaciones y de los últimos meses. Así que son ideales para recomendar. Recordad que el mejor libro para vosotros es aquél que queráis leer, no porque os lo diga nadie, sino porque realmente sepáis que váis a disfrutar con la lectura y que es el género que más os llama la atención.

  Mi reseña aquí  //  Puntuación: 4,5 / 5

  Mi reseña aquí  //  Puntuación:  4/5

  Mi reseña aquí  //  Puntuación:  5/5

  Mi reseña aquí  //  Puntuación:  5/5

  Mi reseña aquí  //  Puntuación:  5/5

¡Felices lecturas y feliz día de Sant Jordi a tod@s!

Novedad juvenil: "Luz. Requiem por un skinhead", de Lars W. Jacobson

A Luz, la líder de una banda neonazi llamada Los Arcángeles, le gusta el fuego, ver como sus víctimas sufren la excita. Pero Luz también es una víctima de sus propios miedos y fantasías. Atrapada en sus propios delirios busca el amor, la venganza arrastrando a todo aquel que se pone en su camino y le niega lo que ella desea. Acompañada de Duncan y Niebla combate en las cloacas de la ciudad contra los que son diferentes. Todo su mundo cambia cuando Sonia entra en sus vidas.

Algunas reseñas en:

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martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Nuevos libros de Cassandra Clare (Novedades juveniles) - mayo 2015

The Whitechapel Fiend. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, Cassandra Clare y Maureen Johnson

Simon learns the truth behind the Jack the Ripper murders—“Jack” was stopped by Will Herondale, his former parabatai, and his institute of Victorian Shadowhunters.

Nothing but Shadows, Cassandra Clare y Sarah Rees Brennan

Simon challenges the setup of the Shadowhunter Academy and in doing so learns the story of James Herondale and Matthew Fairchild and the unusual way that they became friends and parabatai.

Novedades Juveniles - Editorial "Simon & Schuster" (Simonteen) en inglés - Abril 2015

¡Hola a todos!

Aquí os traigo las novedades para este mes de abril 2015, de libros en inglés de la 
Editorial Simon & Schuster. ¿Os atrae alguno?

by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz
On Sale April 7, 2015
Fig’s world lies somewhere between reality and fantasy.

As she watches Mama slowly come undone, it becomes hard to tell what is real and what is not, what is fun and what is frightening. To save Mama, Fig begins a fierce battle to bring her back. The problem is that in the process Fig begins to lose herself as well.

Spanning the course of Fig’s childhood from age six to nineteen, this deeply provocative novel is more than a portrait of a mother, a daughter, and the struggle that comes with all-consuming love. It is an acutely honest and often painful portrayal of life with mental illness and the lengths to which a young woman must go to handle the ordeals – real or imaginary – thrown her way.


by Margaret Peterson Haddix
On Sale April 7, 2015
Desmia discovers the reality of royalty is far from a fairy tale in this third adventure set in the Cinderella-esque world of Just Ella and Palace of Mirrors, from New York Times bestselling author Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Desmia and her twelve sister-princesses are ruling Suala together at last, a united front. The kingdom seems to have finally gotten its happily ever after, but Desmia, trained by a lifetime of palace intrigue, is not so sure. When then the unthinkable happens, Desmia’s worst fears are confirmed, and she must find the courage to seek out the truth on her own terms – and to determine the course of two kingdoms.

by Delilah S. Dawson
On Sale April 14, 2015
The good news is that the USA is finally out of debt. The bad news is that we were bought out by Valor Savings Bank, and debtors are the new big game, thanks to a tricky little clause hidden deep in the fine print of a credit card application. Now, after a swift and silent takeover that leaves 9-1-1 calls going through to Valor voicemail, they’re unleashing a wave of anarchy across the country.

Patsy is forced to take on a five-day mission to complete a hit list of ten names. Each name on Patsy’s list has only three choices: pay the debt on the spot, agree to work as a bounty hunter, or die. Patsy’s horrified and overwhelmed, especially as she realizes that most of the ten people on her list aren’t strangers. Things get even more complicated when a moment of mercy lands her with a sidekick: a rich kid named Wyatt. The two share an intense chemistry even as every tick of the clock draws them closer to an impossible choice.

by Jen Brooks
On Sale April 28, 2015
Sometimes Jonathan Aubrey wishes he could just disappear. And as luck – or fate – would have it, he can. Ever since coming out of a coma as a kid, he has been able to create alternate worlds. Worlds where he is a superhero, or a ladies’ man, or simply a better version of himself. That’s the world he’s been escaping to most since sophomore year, a world where he has everything he doesn’t have in real life: friends, a place of honor on the track team, passing grades, and most importantly, Kylie Simms as his girlfriend.

But when Jonathan confuses his worlds senior year and tries to kiss the real Kylie Simms, everything unravels. As his worlds collide, Jonathan must confront the truth of his power and figure out where he actually belongs – before he loses both Kylies forever.

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